Seeking Sustainable Investment


Ento U.P Ltd is currently seeking investment for diverse projects to continue to develop the  products and opportunities with the UK markets based upon the sustainable commercial farming of Yellow Mealworm (Tenebrio Molitar).


Land Acquisition – Ento U.P Ltd is looking to build a consortium to purchase and develop an area of land in conjunction with ZED developments to create the first Zero Fossil Energy Mealworm Farm in the UK, that can be launched globally.


Modular Farming Unit (MFU) – Ento U.P Ltd is looking for investment to continue development of their unique (Ento MFU) – a semi-autonomous modular solution to create a distributable farming solution for UK franchise use and export.


Protein for Fitness – Ento U.P Ltd is seeking investment and collaboration to create more nutritious and sustainable food options for the Fitness/Body Building sector based upon Mealworm Protein.


Retail Organic Soil Conditioner – Ento U.P Ltd would like to talk to investors interested in providing the Garden Centre Retail sector with an Organic Soil Conditioner and to continue to develop further products for the retail and amenity markets.


Ento U.P Ltd is an Innovate UK competition winner and is currently working with various UK Universities on Research and Development projects and proposals. 

We would be delighted to hear from potential investors with an interest in these areas. Please call Emma Strong on 07907 691193 or email