Mealworms are wonderful!

Our Products

Ento U.P products are all derived from mealworms. Our organic fertiliser is made with mealworm frass - a combination of mealworm waste and shredded skin cells - it’s perfect as a fertiliser as it’s high in nutrients which can lead to better plant growth and a bigger harvest.

We sell live mealworms to those looking for food sources for domestic chickens, wild birds and exotic pets.

Give your plants the best start with EntoGrow!

Give your plants a fabulous start in life with a teaspoon or two of EntoGrow. Entogrow contains Chitin from the mealworm exoskeletons which appears to convince plants that they are under insect attack! They produce more roots and thicker cell walls, which encourges growth!

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Recycle food waste into treats for Wild Birds, Reptiles and Poultry

Produce your own mealworms to feed to your Chickens, Quails, Reptiles and Wild Birds. By feeding your food waste to your own colony of mealworms create your own little circular economy!

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