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EntoGrow Organic Fertiliser 1L

EntoGrow Organic Fertiliser 1L

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Our Organic Garden Fertiliser provides all the nutrients that your plants need. It stimulates plant growth, improves soil structure and drainage and helps to curb certain diseases and pests for better flower, fruit and vegetable production. It’s suitable for use in your garden flower beds, hanging baskets, your allotments or in your hydroponics as it works on any plant, plus it can be applied directly to any plant without the risk of burning. Our EntoGrow Organic Fertiliser is made from mealworm frass (mealworm poop), so it’s naturally high in nitrogen, phospherous and potassium (NPK 2-3-2 for the experts!). EntoGrow is completely natural, comes from sustainable sources and so it’s environmentally friendly.

How to apply

  • Add to potting mix when planting
  • Top up every 2-4 weeks
  • A little goes a long way so use small amounts
  • Also available in 5l size.
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